Who Is The Write Editor?

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Since May 2002, I have been professionally editing and proofreading manuscripts for authors and publishers. My lifelong love of reading, learning, and teaching set the stage for my entrance into the publishing industry.

For me, editing is not just a job. It is what I love to do.

I desire to help you produce a clean, polished, ready-to-publish manuscript. You have labored long and hard to create your work. When you entrust your “baby” to me, I apply my skills and expertise to every page, carefully guarding your unique voice, style, and message.

As an editor, I am the bridge between you and your readers. I ensure that your message is presented clearly so that it is easily understood and readily received by your readers.


  • 2002–present  Copyediting and proofreading
  • 2008–present  Technical editor for Christian Fiction Online Magazine
  • 2006–present  Christy Award Judge
  • Ten years in Christian retail bookselling
  • Twenty-six-year educator
  • Four years in newsletter publication
  • Seminar speaker in curriculum development
  • Business brochure and newsletter design, including copywriting
  • Entrepreneur


Certificate: Editorial Practices
Recognition of Subject Mastery: Copyediting
Continuing Education
Special Publishing: Institute of Children’s Literature
Community College of So. Nevada
Bryce Jessup University

Graduate School, USDA, Washington, D.C.
EEI Communications, Alexandria, VA
The Christian PEN
Redding Ridge, CT
North Las Vegas, NV
Rockland, CA



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