What Clients Say about The Write Editor

“Special thanks and recognition to my editor, Erin K. Brown, for seeing beyond my words and revealing the content of my heart. (You are truly a godsend!)”

Calandra Clark, author Eve . . . God Is Calling! 

“Erin has the ability to see the story from my perspective so as to understand where I am trying to go with my thoughts. But in addition, she has a great way of wearing the audience’s shoes so as to recommend how I can better reach my readers.”

Monte K. Drake, author and bank president

“Erin Brown is more than an editor; she is an encourager who comes alongside to walk with the writer. A rare combination . . . which is why I can highly recommend her.”

Nancy Hoag, author
Fingerprints of God: Seeing His Hand in the Unexpected (Baker Books/Fleming H. Revell)

“Many thanks for your in-depth editing. Thanks too for your suggestion that I add more sensory details. Your help is great.”

Linda Thomas, author 

 “Thanks for the quick turnaround!”

Carol Rosenberg, The Book Couple

“I added 10% to your [fee] because I thought you did a thorough job. Thanks for the good work.”

Russell D. Hendrix, author Introductory Latin Grammar

“Erin Brown is the only editor I use for my work. She has edited my published pieces, as well as my works in progress. Erin is my sole editor not because she gives me the lowest bid, although hers always proves to be more than market-price fair. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • She is meticulous
  • She is always on the cutting edge of the latest in editing styles
  • She is easy to work with
  • She is versatile and has much experience in different genres of fiction, as well as nonfiction
  • Her primary goal is truly to make your writing the most excellent possible.
  • In fiction, she knows how to do a thorough edit without messing with your voice—for a novelist, that is vital.
  • When she finds serious problems with structure or concept, she is straightforward but kind about telling you, and then bends over backward to help you turn it around
  • She is responsible
  • She always meets her deadlines

I would not hesitate a second to recommend Erin Brown for any writer’s editing needs.”

                                                Colleen Shine Phillips, YA author
Chile, South America

“Erin is experienced at editing books that have made it to the shelves, and as a previously unpublished author (with the exception of magazine and newspaper articles), I felt there was no substitute for this, and so selected Erin to edit [my] manuscript. As a result of her experience, she is well connected with other publishing professionals. If she doesn’t know the answer, she knows someone who does.

“She is also an encourager and cheerleader extraordinaire. She takes time to convey that you are doing a good job—if you are—and is very diplomatic but firm if you aren’t. She is also specific about what needs to happen in order to improve [your manuscript]. She is very particular about the necessity of defining goals (i.e. what do you want this book to do?). She is direct and specific on what needs to go, what needs to stay, and what needs to be added in order to achieve these goals.

“Finally, for this low-tech writer, she has been a patient teacher on the ins and outs of editing software.

“In short, Erin makes it as painless as possible to get your writing to the next level.”

 Allison Snyder
Laddie: A Story About Landing on Your Feet