The Write Editor Offers a Critique Service


You proudly submitted your completed manuscript to the members of your critique group. One person said the pacing in your novel was just right, but another said the story dragged. One member thought a character was unbelievable, while your best friend thought the character was great—and based on her! The critique group leader suggested one way to reorganize the chapters of your manuscript on business management principles, and your business partner said it needed a totally different organization from what you have and what your group leader suggested.

After receiving these very different critiques, the only thing you’re sure of is that you are just plain confused. You don’t know whose advice to follow. You fear “losing your voice” if you follow all the suggestions—it would no longer be your story, your work. You realize your manuscript needs some revisions, but you don’t know what corrections your manuscript truly needs.

Critique groups have their place, but more likely than not, your friends and fellow members give you critiques laced with opinions and preferences. Sometimes they withhold or pad the truth because they fear hurting your feelings or discouraging you.


You need a professional, constructive critique from The Write Editor, who knows the industry and has a firm grasp on what agents and publishers are looking for in a manuscript. I give you an unbiased assessment of your manuscript’s strength, weaknesses, and whether or not it fits within your intended genre and audience.

Although a critique does not include any editing or rewriting, you will receive a minimum two-page summary noting all findings, along with suggestions for revisions.

Following are a few more details about what a professional critique evaluates:


  • Chapter-opening hooks
  • Setting
  • Characterization
  • Dialogue
  • Point of view
  • Plot and subplots
  • Voice (active v. passive)
  • Sagging middle syndrome
  • Showing v. telling
  • Word usage
  • Info dumps


  • Organization
  • Logic
  • Strength of overall concept
  • Tight writing
  • Vivid word choice
  • Structure and flow
  • Tone and readability
  • Appropriate vocabulary for audience


When you contact me about critiquing your manuscript, please include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Title and subtitle of manuscript
  • Word count
  • Genre
  • Audience
  • Takeaway (what you expect your readers to learn or do)

The cost of your professional critique is based on word count: $35 per 5,000 words. For example, if your manuscript is 42,000 words, the cost is $315. (A minimum of $35 for manuscripts up to 5,000 words.)

Don’t put off another day getting your all-important critique. Order yours today!

If you have any questions about critiques, please visit the FAQ page or contact me here to set up your manuscript critique.